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LFG: Fantasy Hero Online

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Hello guys still looking for a GM ?

Hello Steph,   I would certainly be looking for a GM. Would you be interested in running a Fantasy Hero game? You have at least three players here. That would make for a fine party.  

I’m comfortable with any day so whatever works best for everyone is fine. My plan is to use 6th edition although if everyone wanted to use 5th I wouldn’t have a problem with that. 

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Sorry I didn't see this until now.


I am currently running a Fantasy Hero game using Epic Table (free to players) on Sunday afternoons (2 to 4 weeks a month).  We are playing in my campaign world, Nyonia (site doesn't seem to work w/ IE).


We are looking for one or maybe two people.


If you are interested PM on this site.

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So, back to the topic at hand... I'd be willing to run a game. I prefer a chat based game and honestly I prefer text based rather than voice chat. There are a few reasons for this, one being that there is a record of the game sessions, two being that players with English as a second language are usually more comfortable with the written word and third it makes it a little easier for me as a GM to run the game. I'm available almost any night of the week between 7 and 11 pm Eastern time. I'd also have a provision for PBEM for downtime activities and so on.


Games I'd be interested in running include:


1. Early medieval in a homebrew setting. Low-magic, rather gritty, characters would be adventuring in a setting that is just recovering from it's version of the collapse of the Roman Empire. Small scale stakes to start with. Human only PCs.


2. A game set in the BECMI setting of Mystara (also called The Known World). The game would be set in The Grand Duchy of Karameikos with a human majority party preferred. Equal mix of combat oriented adventuring and political intrigue. Slightly more optimistic than gritty. (Details on the setting for those not familiar can be found at http://pandius.com/ )


3. I track down my old fourth edition Fantasy HERO and Companion books I and II and run a game set in the Western Shores setting. Not sure what I'd do with this one as the setting is kind of a mish-mash but I'm sure I'll think of something.


4. Open to suggestions.


What do you think?

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Wow, activity in this old thread. I am surprised.


I would certainly be interested in doing a bit of FH. I would vote for the Mystara setting, since I actually have some of the ancient modules for it. Loved Basic D&D back in the day. And definitely 6th edition if possible, although I have all the books I need for 5th or 4th.


I would only be able to do this on the weekends, since you are on EST and I am PST (and work all that).


What are the possibilities of that?

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