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Restrainable overload?

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Another question on using restrainable...see the attached...player is trying to claim "restrainable" on ALL of his movement powers...is this valid?




Pretty sure he has to tell me HOW it is restrainable...or can he declare generically ANY form of restraint?

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You know, what you are needing to go alongside this is a description of the power as it would appear to people in-game.


With many powers it is kind of obvious what it might look like.  With this, you really need to get a feel for what the characters would see to really understand whether the limitations etc are appropriate.


I can see a magical energy carpet allowing a bunch of characters to fly away together and being able to be physically prevented from using that spot.  That all seems to work.  It is a harder ask for teleport, though a blue box appearing and everyone trooping through the door before it leaves with a strange wheezing noise comes close.  :-)


On another matter - you might want to look closely at the maths.  


25" flight (25 points), acceleration (+6 points), usable on others (+6 points) = 37 points which means 4 END, not 3.


It also means that the reserve has to be 37 points, not 31 (though the lack of the advantage on the reserve does mean this comes out at 18.5 or 18 points if you want to be generous.  The additional cost for the player is that each slot comes out at a cost of 2 points rather than 1.  It is an important difference because it is not the reserve that is being used by others, it is the individual powers and that is where the advantage should go.


I would also point out to him that I would not want to be flying using a power that is only 91% reliable.  The roll will be failed at some point and the power will stop working.  If others are travelling with him (the way he has bought usable by others) they need to be within reach for him to grant the power again.  That 1/2 limitation is saving him a lot of points in the reserve and in the individual slots.



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There seemed to be two threads, so I'll repost my thread here.



That depends on how he's describing restrainable.  If by grabbing his arms or is in handcuffs, he can't run, that would be restrainable.  If he's entangled and can't teleport, that would be a limitation.
Basically, the rule of thumb is "If it doesn't limit the character, its not a limitation."  But a corollary to that is, "If its already limited by the rules in the cost of the powers, you don't get points for the limitation."
Running using your legs is a natural limitation of the power running.  So, no, you don't get a limitation by saying you have to move your legs. 


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