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HD6 can't open it

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I'm trying to open my copy of HD6 and was having difficulty so I redown loaded it.  I tried again and I still can't open it.  I don't see the .exe file in my download.  Can you help?


this is what it shows when upzipped











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You've unpacked HD6.jar -- don't do that.


HD6.jar is the executable.  .jar files are java executables -- double-clicking it should launch HD.  Since I'm assuming that double-clicking on the file launched your compression software (winzip, most likely, as it likes to take over any/all file associations that it can possibly handle), you're going to need to fix your system's configuration...particularly in regards to how it handles Java files.


Google "jarfix" -- the first result will contain a small application for you to download and run which will correct the file associations on your system in regards to .jar files.  After that, delete everything except for HD6.jar and then double-click on that file to launch HD.

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