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2018-19 NFL Thread.

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14 hours ago, Starlord said:

When you think you might have discovered a good example of a poorly run sport, try googling a thing known as 'professional boxing'.  :)


Mom aware of boxing’s issues. One of the reasons I don’t follow it. 🙂

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The thing is that the owners make money hand over fist even when their teams are on the verge of collapse. For example, any other observer would conclude that, while one team might flourish in Los Angeles, two is too many. But the ownership of the Chargers is still making money from the league even if nobody is interested in the Chargers games.


In fact, the NFL has a complex revenue-sharing system for the specific purpose of ensuring owner profitability even if their teams are failing, thus preventing teams from giving up and folding. No NFL team has folded since the NFL-AFL merger in the late '60s.

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4 hours ago, Old Man said:

Still rooting for the Rams on Sunday, but the more I learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each team, the less I think they can win.


I don't think anybody outside of Philadelphia seriously thought the Eagles could win last year, either. You just never know.

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