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The Gentleman Character Class

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You mean, could Hero be used to market Old Spice?


That'll be between DoJ and Old Spice I would think.


Lucius Alexander


Palindromedary Enterprises wouldn't be involved I don't think.

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Of course it could. Think the old noble class for d&d. It's one of those things that got me started thinking about the Batman reveled thread. Everyone goes on about how everyone should be duh of course Batman is Bruce Wayne. Like he's the only wealthy playboy in town. It's just a matter of what you do with it. In fantasy hero it's the Baron's third son. He's never going to inherit the castle, so he doesn't tell the players what to do. And he's not going to go into the caves of certain death, so he won't adventure. But he's still rich and can use a sword. Or in the superhero or pulp genre their the billionare playboy Lamont Cranston or Bruce Wayne meet at the club before sneaking off. The only thing is Hero doesn't have classes so it would be a package deal.


High Society

ks Upper class

Ks Town nightclubs

5 wealth

gambling cards



and for the type who like to pop over to the wrong side of the tracks occasional maybe add seduction and streetwise or at least ks call girls

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