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RDU Neil

Stunned without losing STUN?

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I haven't seen anyone here mention suppress.


Suppress STUN, cannot be maintained (-1/2)?


Base Suppress is 5pts per, so normal campaign limits give you 10-12d6. Applies against Power Defense that is normally fairly low. For one phase, their STUN drops by 30-40 pts, which will trigger a CON stun in all but the hardiest opponents. And at the end of that phase, their STUN shoots back up to normal value. It acts like STUN damage, until it doesn't. 


Suppress is ranged by default, 1 END per 2d6, normal attack roll, and perfect for this sort of situation.

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Suppress is from 5e. 6e eliminated that option (edit-as a separate power. It's now a subset of drain). FWIW one of the links I posted up thread includes my version of tazer shotgun shells for both 5e (using suppress) and 6e (using the stunning option from the 6e advanced players guide 1).

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2 hours ago, ghost-angel said:

Suppress isn't eliminated from 6E, it's reconfigured as a type of Drain.


Ok, poor choice of words. But like Gliding it no longer has its own power write up and has been relegated to being a subset of another power.


And if I recall correctly, Regeneration was a separate power in 4e but was eliminated as a full power in 5e that could be rebuilt using Healing plus Advantages. 6e added Regeneration back as a full separate power again.

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7 hours ago, Lucius said:

So how about a Drain STUN with Limitation: Points Recover Instantly?


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary thinks that's another stunning idea


The only problem, IIRC, is a rule that says if a stunned target recovers all their stun from the attack that made the target stunned, they become unstunned.  I can't quote the page number but I do remember reading it somewhere (one of the books or from Steve's response).

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