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Extra Disadvantage (5e)

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I'm trying to create a character.  In the Disadvantages tab, I already have one for Psych Limit Overconfident, but on the 5th Disadvantage, no matter what I choose, it sticks a Psych Limit Overconfident in for 5 points (including the 5 points in all the counts).  It will not get rid of it until I delete enough Disadvantages to have less than five.  When I go back to Edit it, it edits as a "Hunted" (the one I wanted) and when I go back, the points for the Hunted are there correctly, but it still reads as Overconfident and the text goes from black to blue.  When printed to PDF, the points for the hunted are correct, but the text still reads for Overconfident with the anomaly of it having an 8- roll (same as the Hunted)


It may be a similar issue since I have a few skills in my first character that I changed from 3 point stat based to 1 point familiarity that also highlighted as blue text while displaying the stat based roll.  In those cases though, the PDF print correctly shows the 8- skill roll.


Potential additional clues, the exact same Psych Limit Overconfident was on the first character I created in the 5th position, except for showing the base 5 points.

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Blue text means the display has been edited (manually) - likely an accidental copy/paste.  HD will not automatically update the text as the disadvantage is edited/changed, since you've indicated that you want something custom.


To get back to the default display, click on the text to edit and then clear out everything - HD will see empty display text and revert to its default.

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Well, that didn't work, but for another reason I had to do a reboot on the system and this morning I find I don't have a problem anymore.  Go figure.


Thanks for the assist.

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