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Minimum end cost per phase

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Is there a minimum end cost per phase?  Actually let me rephrase this:


  1. The basic maneuvers.  Do they have an end cost in and of themselves?  For instance, if you don't move and do a dodge, does that cost end?  
  2. The martial maneuvers.  If you don't use any strength, do they cost end?  For instance, if you do an offensive strike without paying any end for strength.
  3. Is there a difference in end cost for a martial block or a block?  (Assuming STR costs 0 end).  This question is here because there are people who say a regular block costs a minimum of 1 end but a martial maneuver (thus martial block) costs 0 end.
  4. If all you use are charges during a phase, do you spend 1 end?  For example, you don't move and fire a power which uses a charge.  This is considered a strike maneuver, so do you need to pay 1 end?
  5. Corollary to the above, if you have a power which uses 0 end, for example Strength bought at 0 end, do you need to pay 1 end?
  6. If you use a skill, like breakfall, do you spend 1 end?  How about something like demolitions?
  7. If a robot which has takes no stun has bought all its movement, strength, and the like to 0 end and has bought down its end to 0, then if a maneuver like dodge or block costs 1 end, can the robot do the maneuver and ignore the stun?



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General answer:  there is no such thing as a “minimum END cost per Phase” in the HERO System.


Specific answers:


1, 4, 5. Yes; see 6E2 54, 6E2 131. However, I think it’s safe to say that despite the rules stated on those pages (especially 6E2 54), most GMs do not charge a character 1 END for performing the universal Strike Combat Maneuver when the character is already paying END for using a power or his STR. Furthermore, if a character has bought his attack in such a way as to eliminate its standard END cost (e.g., by paying for Reduced Endurance (0 END), or taking Charges for a power), then the ordinary 1 END cost for using Strike does not apply unless the GM rules otherwise.


2. No; see 6E1 82, 6E2 54, 6E2 91, and 6E2 131. However, a character cannot use a Martial Maneuver such as Offensive Strike by itself, without using some STR — Martial Maneuvers defined as adding dice of damage to STR damage, or adding STR to STR to accomplish some effect, by definition require that STR be used. In this situation, at a minimum a character would have to use 3 STR (enough to get ½d6 of effect), and that would cost him 1 END.


3. The people who are saying that are correct. Standard Combat Maneuvers by definition cost 1 END to use (6E2 54), but Martial Maneuvers do not (6E1 82). Since Block-based Maneuvers don’t require any use of STR, neither Block nor Martial Block require spending any END for STR.


6. Skills do not cost END to use, unless some more specific rule notes otherwise.


7. By a strict, technical reading of the rules, a piece of equipment (such as an Automaton or Vehicle) that lacks END can’t perform a Strike or other Standard/Optional Combat Maneuver because they can’t afford the 1 END cost (and may not even have STUN to pay in place of END). But common and dramatic sense tell us how absurd that can be. Unless the GM rules otherwise, just ignore the rule about minimum END cost for Standard/Optional Combat Maneuvers when it comes to equipment.

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