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Hi Steven

I have a character that can shrink down about 4 inches. The character can fly. The flight is linked to shrinking, in words the character can only fly while shrunk.

The character is armed with (real weapon) assault rifle which is ranged killing attack.

If the character is shrunk, does the size have impact on the damage output of the assault rifle?

To me, it would because the character is no longer firing 5.56 mm round at normal size but rather miniscule that the target may or may not even feel.

The rules are silent on this which to me implies it does not have an impact.


What is your opinion on the issue and how it is intended to work with 6th edition rules?


I appreciate your time.

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Shrinking does not reduce or diminish the effect of a character's powers or equipment. 6E1 281 specifically states, "Shrinking doesn’t affect a character’s STR, movement, or other abilities — they’re just as powerful when he’s Shrunk as when he’s normal height."


However, the very next line of text provides a way for you to make a power or ability diminish in effect as a character Shrinks. If you think that's more "realistic," or more suited to your character or the campaign setting, that's the way to do it. The rules just don't impose that sort of hindrance automatically.

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