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I am pleased to announce the launch of the HERO System Mobile app on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.  You can install the app by searching for it in your app store or by using the links provided.  The app is free to use, ad free, and respects your privacy.



This project is an extension of an export template I wrote a few months ago.  I had so much fun writing that template that I decided to develop a full app.



  • Import characters from Hero Designer using this export template
  • Characteristics and Skills may be long pressed and a check will be made
  • Dice rolling tools (3d6, Hit, Damage, and Free Form) 
  • The H.E.R.O. tool generates random 250 point 5e supers (shout out to Cassandra for allowing me to use her original idea)
  • Track statistics about your die rolls, including average values, distribution, total stun etc.


This is still very much a work in progress and I have plans to add more features as time goes on.  For now though I feel that it’s mature enough to release to the general public.


Feedback is always welcome either here or at phil.guinchard@gmail.com


Happy Hero-ing

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Feature Requests

I'll track all feature requests in this comment.  Please understand that while all requests are taken seriously not all requests will be acted on immediately, if at all...thank you!


This list is in no particular order.


  • 6th edition H.E.R.O. tool
  • Hit locations reference
  • END costs to the Cruncher tool
  • A copy of HERO in 2 pages
  • Hero-pedia (HERO character reference...what books they appear in)
  • Foxbat quote generator
  • Populate the damage tool by long pressing an equipment item or attack power
  • More robust tracking of damage (source, defense applied, etc)
  • Integration into Hero Combat Manager
  • Better tablet support
  • The ability to set a custom stun multiplier range
  • Character portraits
  • Explosion option for the damage tool
  • Combat moves list
  • Redo the characteristics tab to be more readable
  • Beef up the combat tab
  •  Population of the damage tool by long-pressing equipment/attack will automatically set the Stun Multiplier as well, instead of having to do it manually (i.e. if a weapon/attack has a +x Stun Multiplier)
  • Ability to choose specific hit location for damage

  • Damage option for critical hits (max damage), with and without hit location modifiers

  • Hard break before the "Notes" entry in a power/equipment entry

  • Add a switch for "Target has Clinging" to the damage tool

  • The ability to create random characters > 250 points

  • Add a switch to the damage tool for double knockback


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1.0.4 - 2018-03-03 (Android/iOS)

  • Added in a section for movement modes on the Characteristics tab
  • Skills checks now work when there's more than one roll to select from (OIHID, etc)
  • The app now reads in a wider range of characters by default


1.1.0 - 2018-03-05 (Android/iOS)

  • Added in the Combat tab on characters that allows you to track STUN/BODY/END and REC for your loaded character
  • The 3d6 die roller now lets you set an optional skill level when making a check
  • Created the Cruncher tool that lets you calculate power costs in the app
  • Tabs on the character viewer now only appear if they have content in them
  • Fixed an issue on Android that was preventing the loading of character files from Google Drive
  • Added in some experimental code for loading files on an iPad
  • There is now an Equipment tab available in the View character tool


1.1.1 - 2018-03-12 (Android/iOS)

  • The Powers and Equipment tabs now show less info about items (touch an item for full info)
  • All sliders now have an editable value in addition to the slider
  • Loading a character now shows the user feedback
  • Added in support for 5th or 6th edition rule sets in the settings tab
  • There's now an option for Autofire on the HIt tab
  • Changed the "Maneuvers" tab to "Martial Arts"
  • Fixed a bug that was always using a x3 multiplier when using a KA and not using hit locations


1.1.2 - 2018-03-14 (Android/iOS)

  • Added in a new app icon and splash screens
  • Fixed a number of issues with character loading


1.1.3 - 2018-03-16 (Android/iOS/Amazon)

  • Fixed scrolling issues on iPhone/iPad
  • Added in the "Combat Moves" tab to the damage tool
  • Added in the "Range Mods", "Hit Locations" and " Target Shots" tabs to the hit tool
  • Added in an explosion option for the damage tool


1.2.0 - 2018-03-18 (Android/iOS/Amazon)

  • There's a now a document library included in the app
  • Long touching an attack power (or piece of equipment) now populates the damage tool
  • Explosions now show the user a breakdown of damage by distance
  • The Combat tab now shows more information (long touch your strength/presence dice to roll)
  • The Characteristics tab is now easier to read (touch a characteristic to see notes)
  • The sidebar now uses the new logo


1.2.1 - 2018-02-14 (Android/iOS/Amazon)

  • Added support for many missing knockback options in the damage tool
  • Blast now properly responds to a long touch on the character screen
  • Your phone status bar is now visible in app
  • Miscellaneous spacing and layout tweaks


1.2.2 - 2018-02-15 (Android/iOS/Amazon)

  • Fixed a few bugs with loading characters
  • Fixed a layout issue on the character screen


1.2.3 - 2018-02-18 (Android/iOS/Amazon)

  • Various fixes to loading characters


1.2.4 - 2019-02-19 (Android/iOS/Amazon)

  • Fixed a character loading bug on some devices (Android only)
  • Fixed an issue that caused sliding a slider to also switch tabs (iOS only)


1.2.5 - 2019-07-25 (Android/iOS/Amazon)

  • Added the ability to make more than one to hit roll
  • Numbers now animate on the result screen
  • Minor UI tweaks

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Looks like there was some typesetter quotes on line 189 (hoist 'n' heave)...this is a known issue with the export template that unfortunately produces invalid XML...which means the app can't read it.


Attached is a file with the offending characters removed.

Lia-Kavair - Strong Enforcer.xml.XML

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6 hours ago, bluesguy said:

I ran into similar problems when initially working on Hero Combat Manager and exporting files.  Let me dig up the RegEdit commands I added to my exports that help get rid of stuff like that.


I think I have a solution...it'll require an update to both the app and the export template.

  • Change the export template to use the ISO-8859-1 character encoding
  • Tell the app to read in that format

It'll strip out characters like smart quotes but it will read and render in the app.


Not perfect but better than today.

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I just downloaded the app and it works great. I love the features it has now even as a work in progress. Great job!! I haven't tried uploading a character yet but the hero-specific dice roller alone makes me happy. 

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52 minutes ago, steriaca said:

I would like to have 6ed random characters


That's something that could be added in later, Cassandra was the mad architect behind the current tool and she only plays 5e :)



and a Advantages/Limitations Calculator


Interesting idea, so you could put in a point value and have a slider to move to add or subtract advantages/limitations?  I may add it in.


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Other things it can use, but put on the back burner.


1) A copy of Hero In Two Pages.


2) "Foxbat Mode", where Foxbat makes random comments at a press of the button. It is all part of the Master Plan TM, after all.


3) HERO-pedia. List of characters, where to find them, and what edition they come from.

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10 minutes ago, Amorkca said:

Can I take a randomly generated character and export it back to Hero Designer?


No, unfortunately the app and Hero Designer is a one way thing, you can save a single character though.  The tool is really meant to be used for brainstorming/one-shot campaign ideas.


The characters should be easy enough to transpose into Hero Designer though :)

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23 minutes ago, sentry0 said:


Flip phones are gateways...first it's a flip phone then you'll be playing 6e


Sorry, but I'm a huge fan of Star Trek communicators.


They have the transtator you know.

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I don't have any idea why this isn't working for me.  I even tried the file you provided to me.  I put the files in a folder on my Google Drive and tried to open them from the Load option.  I can browse to the file (the icon is a shadow) and 'select' the file but nothing happens from there.  I have tried this both on my iPad and Android phone.  I made a copy of the file from my Google Drive onto my iPad and I still couldn't get the app to open the file.  Oh and at that point the app is basically stuck.  I can get back to the original app window so I have to kill the app to start again.


I have even tried the file you provided up above.

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