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The Doctor

Is someone in Seattle in need of a Doctor?

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Hello again friends,  I have been off the boards other than the random trolling session for the last  .years.  During that time I have moved twice, gotten married and all but given up on my life long past-time.

Cut to today and I live north of Seattle and I may have just gotten over my last game group of almost a decade.  I still talk to some of my friends  from the group at random, but armed with the knowledge that I am not going to move back to Boise I have to seek new adventure with like minded people.  I am a GM looking for players.  I can join a group that already has a GM, but honestly I haven't had much experience over the last 30 years on the other side of the table.  I GM hero system predominantly: Danger International, Horror Hero Cyber Hero, Champions, Western Hero, Dark Champs and many of the other variants.  I am interested in starting a group and hopefully  growing it to 5 players  that would rotate in as Gm.  

My GM preference is to work on the bones of a campaign for 1 to 3 months after get a basic player personality profile for each participant and my game ranges from 5 years to 6 months other than the random one shot or mini-series.   I have been known to use pictures music and sound effects to help support the overall theme. 


I realize that the Seattle area has had many of these threads that I went back and perused, but to my knowledge they were all archived.


Thank you and 

Keep rolling....

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I am very interested in starting a new group around the HERO system. I'm interested in 6e. I have also GM'ed for 35+ years, so rotating duties would be superb! I live in Renton (East Highlands).


Do you have a preference for location?


I'm allergic to cats, so my options tend to be limited. I have a nice little area on my 2nd floor, but it can get warm in the summer. I would prefer a SAT game day, and I usually like to have more than 4 hours (maybe 6?).


I have recently been playing some GURPS 4e, but I'm burned out on it. I like crunch, just want it in different areas. :-D  I played and GM'ed a bunch of 5ER back in the day, but my HERO-fu has atrophied a tad. I have a pile of 6e books on digits, all the software, and a handful of print books. So, I am ramping back up quickly...

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As a member of Doc's Boise group (actually, I was the organizer of said group) I would like to vouch for the quality of the game, no make that campaign, that he will provide for his players. The time I had playing in his games was the best gaming I've ever done. So good that I can even forgive him for the whole space/sci-fi/Dr. Who thing that he pulled on us. :nya:


The Doctor does more than write a story and shoe-horn your PCs into it. He'll build the world setting around your PCs. They'll actually belong in the game. He also studies you, the player. He's a student of the Allston Method, and will figure out what type of player(s) your are and work to make sure that you get out of the game what you're looking for.


The Doctor is such a great GM that I still haven't gotten over his relocating. If it wasn't so bleepin' far between here and Seattle, I'd drive there once a week to be in his games again.


So if you want a quality HERO game (especially supers) grab a seat at Doc's table. You absolutely will never regret it.




(@TD: I miss you, man. Good luck with the new group. Oh, and save SIl or Forrester a guest spot for when I get up there to visit.)

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