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Is someone in Seattle in need of a Doctor?

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I like in Kirkland. I've been interested in HERO for a while, to the point where I recently (yesterday) started a 6E superhero campaign, but I can't fully say that I know what I'm doing or that I know the system. That said, I've always enjoyed playing it at conventions, so I figured why not. 


I'd really like to start another game to get a good handle on the system, so I'd be down to play if anyone needs an extra player.


That said, I'm also a member of the Verne and Wells Club in Kirkland, which is kind of like a Boys and Girls Club for adults. That means that if need be I can reserve rooms where we can play the game, that sort of thing. Or I'm down to show up to a game store or something like that, too. 

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I had to cancel AUG 3rd and only two RSVPd.  I can invite you to our Reddit and there is a link to our Discord. Just PM your Reddit username, and the Discord info is in there.


I had two more join Discord last night, so hopefully we can have a solid discussion of our first game. I think we had settled on Fantasy Hero...

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I can't believe Metro Seattle Gamers still exists.  I used to play 2E AD&D at the Ballard club house in the early 90s.


Sadly, I'm a little north of Bellingham and Seattle is too far for a game, otherwise I'd be interested.  It's difficult enough to find gamers up here, let alone HERO players.

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