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On 9/20/2021 at 2:26 PM, L. Marcus said:

... I thought it was "Thou shalt not troll"?


Troll on highway, Troll on along
Troll on Daddy till you get back home
Troll on family, Troll on crew
Troll on Momma like I asked you to do
And Troll on eight semesters, Troll on
(Troll on!)

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There's a variety of refillable whiteboard markers that I came across only last week, because my department got a set (with refills) and put them out in the supply cabinet.  When I first tried them they disappointed -- the lines they drew were like they'd dried out, but the ink reservoir is transparent and I could see that was full -- but the markers had been stored lying horizontally.  Following a hunch, I got an empty coffee cup and stored them point down in the cup overnight. THAT did the trick.  Much better; nice solid broad lines.  All I wish is that they were "bullet point" rather than "chisel point", because the broader line is always what I want.  And being able to SEE the ink reservoir is a significant plus, so I know if the thing's gonna work.

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