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Follow-up to your response in Linked/Inherent questions

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Mr. Long,

I was confused by your response to a pair of Linked/Inherent questions in the following thread: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/96761-linked-and-inherent-questions/?tab=comments#comment-2643813


Specifically, you indicated "By definition an Inherent Power has to be Always On" ... and you also stated, "a character may Link a power to an Inherent Power, but if he does so the Inherent Power becomes the same type of power (Persistent, Constant, or Instant) as the power it’s Linked to."


Perhaps I am mistaken, but these two statements would seem to conflict with one another -- specifically because:

  • An Inherent Power (by definition) has to be Always On
  • For a Power to be Always On, it must be Persistent ... which would preclude it from being Instant, yes?


Also, I wouldn't expect the linking of Power B to Power A, to change the behavior of Power A, yet the second piece of quoted verbiage, above, suggests otherwise.

Would you mind clarifying a bit more?

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6E1 384 notes that Linking powers of differing durations can change the duration of one of the powers (for example, "A Persistent Power Linked to an Instant or Constant Power becomes an Instant or Constant Power itself"). All I was doing in my answer was extending that logic to the issue at hand. But of course, a GM who doesn't agree with that logic can change the rule, or can simply forbid characters to Link to Inherent Powers.


Does that clarify things? If not, please PM me and we can discuss it further.

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