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We're on a mission from God

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I had this sudden notion strike me after reading Urban Fantasy Hero and the Invasive Species example setting within it, which seems like it could merge quite nicely with MHI, especially the plot seed for an Interdenominational Death Squad.


Perhaps I've seen too many Quentin Tarantino movies, but the idea of a group of monster hunters composed of, quoting from the plot seed, "an assortment of heavily armed ministers, monks, priests, rabbis, nuns, and imams..." sounds like it would be pretty cool.

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And in the Bubba the Monster Hunter series, Bubba's employer is the Roman Catholic Church.


Their contact with the church, a priest, is also the uncle of Bubba's best friend, so Bubba calls him "Uncle Father."    Which, when you hear it in a in a thick hill billy accent, is just weird.

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