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Finally bought HCM

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I bought HCM the other day.  Installing it was easy.  No issues getting it to work on my Linux machine.  The launcher created is not working, but I am going to have to play with that.


I started to play with it right away and ran into several issues.  I mean, who needs manuals when you have YouTube?  :think:  Turns out it was an EBKAC error (Error Between Keyboard And Chair).  At first I was getting import errors because of the strict parsing of HTML/XML.  To make things easier to understand for my players, I had replaced the display text of spells with some simple HTML.  It complained that I did not close the <BR> with a </BR>.  Correcting that and adding all of the fantasy hero character's armor/equipment as a secondary stat, things worked great.  I ran into another issue that turned out to be embarrassing on my part.  It was easily solved.


I must say, I am impressed.  Thank you for making it. I know that this will help me run some combats.  Now I just need to find all of the Hero Designer files I got through various purchases or Kickstarters to load NPCs/enemies.




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Thank you for buying HCM.  I appreciate it.  I would recommend only exporting the characters you need as you need them.  Every time I do a new release you will probably have to regenerate the export files.

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