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Examples of Mage Busters / Spell Breakers / Witch Hunters


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What are your favorite examples of characters and organizations built around the concept of countering magic users? My examples to get things started:


  • Red Ajah (Wheel of Time) These magic-using women focused more on male magic users, but they did specialize in cutting them off from magic and removing the ability
  • Chi Blockers (Legend of Korra) They did not have magic, but could punch in just the right spots to temporarily block use of magic.
  • Mage-Breakers (Powder Mage) Former magic-users who just decided to stop. They create a constant no-magic field around them.
  • Wardens (Dresden Files) Magic Users who hunt any wizard that breaks the rules. They had swords that could cut through some magical effects
  • Aurors (Harry Potter) Magic Users who hunt any wizard that breaks the rules.
  • Unimancers ('Mancer) The Feds! Former magic users who had their individuality stamped out and were forced into the anti-magic police
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