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OK, I have a variety of abilities linked by unified power all related to the super strength I have (i.e. all the old figured stats related to strength: pd, rec, stun, leaping ).


STR +50 Unified

PD +10 Unified

REC +10 Unified

STUN +25 Unified

Leaping +20m Unified


Question 1: Someone drains my Str which in turn drains all my figured stats by 20 pts.  This means the following right?

STR +30

PD +0

REC +0


Leaping +0


Question 2: On post 12, I get back 5 points of return rate.  Do all stats return 5 active points?

Question 3: If all stats get back 5 points, do I get back +5 PD or 2.5 PD?

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1. Your math looks correct at first glance, but I didn't break out a calculator. ;)


2-3. See APG2 18, which discusses the standard rule (that the recovery is not halved) and the option for changing that if desired.


I think that covers all the issues you raised; if I overlooked something please post a follow-up or PM me.

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