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Gotham Inspired


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Originally I was going to run a pirate based game, but I thought it would have been too much fighting and not enough playing a role.  So, I'm considering going in another direction.  


I am thinking of starting a new game that is inspired by the TV show Gotham (and Arrow, and others). This will be using the Dark Champions The Animated Series type of characters but with a twist. All characters (including the PCs and villains) are just starting out.


Every character will be the newest of the new. Wet behind the ears and so forth. This will also go for the would be villains. We will be using Champions 6th Edition with only 200 total points. With 50 complications (not added to the 200)


So, what does it mean it's Gotham inspired? This means that each character will start out as a pretty much normal person with skills, and a job. Not everyone can be a billionaire. They will not start out as knowing everything and may even have to be convinced to become a hero.


Don't be afraid to allow your character to gain their powers or abilities via the game, or even their back story. You should be spending a lot of time in your secret ID. If you have ever played in one of my games, this is almost the opposite of what I normally do. I usually have the heroes be in their heroic ID for most of the time. I want to try a game that goes more for playing a role.


Characteristics: STR, DEX, CON, INT, BODY, EGO, and PRE run from 8 to 15, unless that's the character's specialty or Power (see below). Anything over 20 needs to be discussed with me.


PD, ED, and REC run from 8 to 10 points.


SPD is 3


OCV and DCV run from 5 to 8 (which include Combat Skill Levels)


OMCV, and DMCV is 3 unless you are a Mentalist. You cannot sell it back to zero.


END and STUN run from 20 to 60.


Skills, and Perks. Non combat skills are essential. Only one level of Combat Skill Level is allowed to represent how new the character. Please have a good reason to have other Combat Skills such as Autofire Skills, Rapid Attack, etc.


Characters can have one real vehicle at no cost and a home to go to. No special vehicles at this time. Only real ones. Additional vehicles and bases must be purchased with points.


Martial Arts: Only the max of 6 Martial Arts slots are allowed and one of those MUST be a defensive Martial Arts such as Martial Dodge, Escape, or Block. The max of only 1 Damage Class will be allowed.


No Danger Sense, Universal Translator, or Weaponmaster will be allowed. Deadly Blow and Lightening Reflexes must be discussed.


Powers: You may only have up to 2 Powers that are not real world weapons. Yes powers are available. But must reflect the genre. So, if an individual wants to fly, they should make wings (OIF), get a jet pack (OIF), or must concentrate at 0 DCV. (or so forth).


NO MP or VPP will be allowed! Since the character is just starting out, I want the characters to be more about playing the role than combat junkies.


Guns, Kevlar, and such will be purchased with points and not money. But that doesn't mean they can't pick up a impromptu weapon on the way.


Every character will have a Secret ID that is no reflected in the Complications. You will need a total of 50, not counting Secret ID


For example: Let's say you want a bullet proof, strong hero. What do they do for a living? How did they get their powers? What kind of skills do they have? They might start off with 8rPD, and 8rED, and 30 STR all OIAID and it would take XP to get up to larger levels.


Capture not kill: I do want to stress, I do prefer capture over killing. They are heroes and even though the system is corrupt and prison (and the loony bin) is a revolving door; I would prefer a non killing game. But, that being said, they are just starting out and killing might happen. The villains will try to kill. But if you ever watched Gotham, you know most don't stay dead for long.


Player vs Player (PvP): I do not like Player vs Player conflict. But mistakes can be made and assumptions as well. So all PvP must be approved by BOTH players in advance and approved by the GM.




I need comments, and advice on how to make this game even better.  I love the concept but I'm not really good at doing Martial Arts which is an essential part of this game.  I want the 'feel' of characters just starting out, which is why I chose not to include MP or VPP.  AI will probably put this on rpol.net (as I don't know of any other site that does role playing games).  And I am considering getting a co-GM, as that would help me not get burnt out.  Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like fun, my current champions game had the characters start with no powers and they rolled dice to get the powers.  All of them were energy type characters.  We ran a year or so before getting powers, 4 of the 6 players were new to Champions and we did a bunch of role playing and skill based challenges.  They were a group of scientists working at a lab that had a meltdown and that's when they got their powers.

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It feels to me more akin to a prelude than the start of what most would expect. Low power, backstory bulk with some hints of what may come, all in a dangerous, but typically mid-stake range. Not important enough that people would hunt them down, and learning to deal with their growth as people over the Super Hero aspect.



More human to human interaction

Skills and challenges that the players can more easily relate to

Character integration into the hero community is more organic



If they are expecting to be blasting lasers, likely will be disapointed

Less space to optimize the crunch of the game


All in all, it's the transition from a good person to a hero. Not a SuperHero, but a hero. Less putting on the mask of a person when the Super wants to hide, but someone who swallows the bile and grits their teeth to put on a mask. I'd bite, but that's just me. 

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So far I have not had any complaints.  I already have a mystery unfolding that involves the character Adonis from Dark Champions:  TAS  


I know half of the players from previous games.  So we know each others personalities which helps.



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