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Gotham Inspired game


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I had an account under an older Gmail, but lost access to that Gmail and never wrote down the RPol password, so I'm trying to set up a new RPol account.  As of a little bit ago, I still haven't seen an email from RPol...argh!


Worst case scenario, you could start with the other players, and I can then join when the RPol email problems are worked out.

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3 hours ago, quozaxx said:

I'm going to mark the game as closed, but it will still be open for you two.  I've already started the game but you can join any time.   


In that case, you can just post this; while we are waiting on the admin to fix the issues BarretWallace and I are having.


Character's Real Name: Detective Elizabeth "Betty" Wong


Hero name (that they will be one day be called): Dragon Lady


Occupation: Police Detective


Powers: Low-level superhuman strength, agility, durability, reflexes, and accelerated healing factor


Quote: "Drop the weapon, dirtbag!"


Campaign Uses: Tough girl


Friends, Family, and Coworkers:  Father (businessman) was killed by the Triads when she was a child, Mother (nurse) retired and lives in Arizona; Detective James Thayner (coworker and boyfriend who works in an anti-gang unit), Detective Ryan Walker (coworker and partner, the black sheep son of a prominent politician)

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