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Looking for player in Waterloo, ON, Canada

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Looking for 1 more player for a street level Champions game I'm starting up.  This game will take place in Millennium City and feature a dark and crime ridden backdrop.  It will be a cyberpunk-lite version of the setting where the promises of the City of the Future have failed to pan out and the people have instead been left with crime, corruption, mega-corporations, and neon holography.


Building on 275 points with 50 points in Complications minimum and a 50 AP cap.  I have a campaign 1-pager ready for you if you're interested in playing.


The City of the Future needs heroes who will defend its citizens, will you answer the call?

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2 hours ago, Amorkca said:

Any chances of you moving west to Calgary??




I do have family in Calgary including my sister so you never know...but sorry, no plans on moving anytime soon 😀

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Bugger for the slow response. You wouldn't happen to still be searching for that one player, would you?


Edit: Ah, pardon. Missed the Area requirement by a hundred or so miles. Pardon!

Edited by Sveta
Missed critical detail.

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