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Draining Charges

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I could’ve sworn that I wrote something about this in the past, but if so I can’t find it right now. Still, I reserve the right to change my answer if I (or someone else) finds a prior ruling on this topic later. ;)


As a default rule, a character cannot use an Adjustment Power to alter the amount of Charges a power has. As stated on 6E1 137, characters can’t use Adjustment Powers to apply, increase, or remove Advantages, and Charges is sometimes an Advantage; furthermore, the logic behind that rule extends to Limitations as well.


However, as always the GM could choose to allow this if he wanted to; I can think of some special effects where this might make sense in the context of the campaign. In this case, as an off-the-cuff idea, I suggest dividing the Active Points in the power by its maximum number of Charges, thus giving you an “Active Points per Charge” number. For each amount of that number an Adjustment Power adds/removes, you add/remove 1 Charge.

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