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Please no more Royal Wedding


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The British didn't abolish the monarchy after the signing of the Magna Carta, and they didn't abolish the monarchy after the English Civil War.  Heck, they actually brought back the monarchy after Cromwell.  And they didn't abolish the monarchy after the death of Diana, and the institution was taken down half a dozen notches for not being "caring enough."


What makes you think they're going to abolish the monarchy now?

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8 hours ago, Badger said:

My mother got up this morning to watch the blasted thing.


It's like friggin Christmas in its overplay.  To all the Brits cant you kick them out so we will no longer suffer their weddings.  :yes:


They will still be talking about the new marriage for the next month, aren't they?  :weep:


I feel for you. Sometimes the remote is NOT in your grip, and losing an entire room of your domicile is annoying. :)


That said, me I slipped in some DVDs and while i can't avoid some news stories and talk online, i'll youtube current news and pick the subject.


And THAT said, much happiness to the young couple. Constantly living under the hot lights of public interest can't be easy on a marriage.

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