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Trying to find the origin of animated "previews" for books

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I ask here because I figure that some of you somehow might remember this.


Sometime between around 1979 and 1985 (I'm not sure when, honestly, so I'm giving my best guess -- it was definitely not in the 1990s, but could have been made earlier), I remember watching a few animated clips on television that were made specifically as a "preview" for books that kids should read. I remember A Wrinkle in Time and The Secret Garden. The animated clips would show what happened in the first few chapters of the book and encourage you to go read it to find out what happened next. They were just a few minutes each, and they caused me to read the books a little earlier than I might have normally! Definitely affected my life for the better.


Unfortunately, I don't know what show these were attached to, if any. (It was not Reading Rainbow.) It could have been shown "between" shows like Schoolhouse Rock was. It was not amazing animation or anything--somewhat simplistic, if I recall.


Does anyone else remember this? Help! :) I can't find it on YouTube, partially because I'm not sure what to search for.

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