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(Print to PDF)Error Message:private method `gsub!' called for nil:NilClass

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You don't.  At least, not directly from HD.  

You can use any of the available vehicle export formats to export the sheet. From there, printing a hard copy (or saving as PDF) is up to the application you're using to view it (e.g. your browser of choice).

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First thing you need are some Export Formats, which you can find in the downloads part of the site.


Under the Current Character menu is Export.  You want to select Set Export Format.  The select the appropriate export format type you want (i.e. one of the ones you downloaded).  Then you can either Preview or Export to File.  Personally I like to do Preview.


All done

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  1. Have you read the documentation? Specifically the section on printing and exporting characters?
  2. When you go to select an export format, are you navigating to the directory that you've saved the files to?
  3. If the answers to (1) and (2) are both yes and you're not seeing anything, then you haven't saved the files with a .hde extension (that's the only thing that HD looks for).  Most likely your browser is trying to "help" by saving the files with a .xml extension -- you'll need to stop it from doing that or rename the file (changing the extension to the proper .hde)

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