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Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character


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You know, a complete disconnect between the stated "style" and the list of maneuvers purchased is neither unheard of nor problematic. Put together the list of maneuvers that appear to give you the proper power in play, and then call it whatever you want. Considering the character you mentioned, it should be an aggressively athletic style that combines powerful strikes and the ability to contend with multiple attackers. I would suggest Tiger Claw Kung Fu. The only thing you need (other than the KS) would be to describe the clawed hand attacks used in combat.

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Thinking at work, perhaps Hung Gar Kung Fu might be the right flavor. It (iirc) is was formed to fight in the alleys of China. Not overtly flashy and why I think it might be a good choice is that it isn’t as we’ll know as some of the other martial arts so it retains some exotic ness about it.

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Martial arts in Hero are are really shorthand for powers, skill levels, and modified strength.


So...how about a Variable Power-Pool? 20 points should be able to model almost any book maneuver.


Just add the limitation "only to model martial arts effects."


Or... a power pool "only for heroic skills and talents."


Then, grab whatever heroic combat talent is appropriate from the Dark Champions or Hero System Martial Arts books.

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It kind of depends on which version of Batman you're using as inspiration. For example, Batman from Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" would probably know Krav Maga and Muay Thai. On the other hand, Batman from The Animated Series absolutely needs a Martial Disarm that he can use with his batarang. He'd also focus on blocks, sweeps, throws, and grabs. Would that be Judo? I don't know enough about martial arts to say.


In any case, any version of Batman almost certainly knows multiple martial art styles. I guess you've got room to justify anything that sounds good to you in game terms.

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