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[LFG] Champions or Fantasy, online or around Portland,Or area

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Been a while since I have played so figured I would see if any games out there are looking for another player.  I am looking for a 6th edition game (I have the core book for 5th but I have only ever played 6th) and I am leaning a bit more towards champions though I would be ok with a Fantasy game as well.  An online game would also probably be better, though if there is one around the Portland area in Oregon I would be up for that.  Weekends for either would work better for me since it is less likely that I will get overtime at work though a 6pm-10pm game on a week night could also work most of the time.

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Best of luck in your search -- I'd love to see about assembling another F2F Champions campaign (I live in Vancouver, WA, and used to run a bi-weekly game at Guardian Games); but right now there simply aren't enough hours in the day to devote the time to run one the way I'd like to, and my circumstances won't be changing until about the end of August...

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