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Hello All,


I know that I should have probably put this in the Player Finder but since it is specifically for Dark Champions I figured I would put it here first.


I am looking for someone to both play and GM in a Dark Champions campaign.  If I find the right person I would like to run a concurrent game with that person GMing my character while I GM his.  I don't want a group, this would be two solo adventures and we would trade off.  I am basing the campaign in Hudson City and while I want to use the 6th Ed. rules I also have a bunch of alternate rules and things I would like to incorporate along with that person's input.


Some of you may be familiar with my Hudson City Chaos Campaign from way back.  I have tons of characters, information and work done on this and would like to put them to use.  It is a High Powered Heroic game set in a highly Cinematic setting.  Characters do not have actual "Super Powers" but some Non-Powered Powers will be allowed.


If you have GMing experience and are interested in doing a VTT/Google Hangout game once a week or so, PM me and we will see if we can work something out.


You can check out my old site at http://www.deadmansdomain.com/campaigns.htm to get an idea of what I have in mind but keep in mind that it has not been updated for 6E.


I use MapTool for the VTT and Google Hangouts for Verbal Communication.  I have run several successful campaigns in this manner and it should work even better with only two people.





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