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On 8/30/2018 at 10:21 PM, Duke Bushido said:

I may be missing some important connection-- perhaps it is exclusively the inclusion of thematic art or settings that qualifies it as Champions, but isn't 6e Basic pretty much rules-light Champions?  Or Fantasy?  Or Sci-fi?


(of course, this may not be 6e; is there a version of 5e with 6e-style Characteristics?)


Yes, that's a good point. I guess this is technically true, and it's 6e, but it's still 130 pages. Then they bypassed it and went with Champions Complete instead (and Fantasy Hero as well). HERO Basic is long gone as far as I can tell.


I think maybe what many of us mean by a "Rules Lite" version of the game is more like 40 pages of rules, like e1, with the express purpose of being a brief introduction to Champions, or some other specific (rather than generic) genre. The rules would be baked into the genre without all the variations, etc., required for a generic set of rules. This would be an introduction, referencing the more developed 6e rules, but making it playable in very quick order for someone who is new to the system. It's all a pipe dream, really, but could be done. Some of us think it should be done. But Champions Now, although based not he 3e rules, is not it. It's something different, and changes some of the core rules (such as killing attacks, and body) dramatically.


Another example of a "Rules Lite" version would be something like GURPS Lite. Although still generic, it recently taught me the game in about 30 minutes so I could play it with my friends. Something like this, somewhere between the "Champions in 2 pages" PDF and Champions Complete, would be a great introduction for new folks without making their eyes swirl.

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