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I've been running a Champions campaign for the last couple months and using HCM to help organize the combats.  Overall, it's been working rather well and has way better functionality than the spreadsheet I used to use (no surprise).  There's just a few things that I would like to see in a future iteration if at all possible.  No idea what your road map looks like right now, but I thought I'd go ahead and throw these out there.


Haymakers - Basically an additional attack option that will track when the Haymaker is declared and against which target and then pop up a dialog when the attack actually goes off at the end of the following segment.  Currently I'm using the "Hold" action as a work around but a dedicated Haymaker would be clearer and more intuitive.


Held Actions - There's been a number of occasions where I've gotten to the end of a Segment and implemented the action of the last character and had it move on to the next Segment only to have players with held actions shout, "I want to use my held action before the end of the Phase".  Unfortunately, there's no way to back up and I realize that moving backward "in time" would likely be problematic to implement, there are a couple things that could help.  First would be a basic reminder dialog that there are characters with held actions that pops up at the end of the Segment, giving the user the chance to not advance to the next Segment yet.  The second would be to make sure the application doesn't skip empty Segments when there are held actions.  For example, Player A has held his action on Segment 3 and his next action is on 5.  Currently, at the end of three, the application skips to the top of 5 and it would be better if it instead stopped at the top of 4 while there is a held action.


Knockback - Display the resulting knockback (after adjusting for Knockback Resistance) in the "Resulting status for. . ." box on the Calculate Results tab of the Attack dialog.  Having the option to have it automatically roll KB damage (with input as to whether a vertical surface was hit or not) would also be handy.


Thanks for the application, it does make running combats and tracking NPC status much easier.

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First of all thank you for purchasing HCM.  I deeply appreciate it.


Secondly let me address you feature requests:

  1. Haymakers - great idea and I will add it to the feature list.  My guess is that I will look at it at the same time as when I implement Constant attacks.
  2. Held Actions - there is a really annoying bug associated with Held actions.  I am looking into that one at this time
  3. Knockback - I will add this to the backlog.  I would probably make it an additional preference option so that if you select Knockback as a preference it will also ask if you want the damage to be calculated.  I will think about the workflow around this one.

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