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Any way to print the real cost for a power in a export format?

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I should add- any tag to display the real costs for power listed in a VPP? All the powers listed in a VPP are at 0 cost, but the app includes a "Real Cost"  for tracking. Any tags/methods that let me print that value in a template?


If I simply move the powers to a list, I can get the "real costs", but that blows up the character point tracking in HD; better than nothing, but it'd be nice to have a REAL_COST tag for VPP use.

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You'd need to go through the Javadoc for that. Any empty method call that the object in question supports is accessible via the ATTRIBUTE_VALUE construct -- it's really just doing reflection on the object to find a method matching the name specified and then calling it without arguments/parameters.

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