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Forgotten Enemies metathread


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2 hours ago, steriaca said:

Humm...beyond the love duo Valentine special...


Weaponsmith Galore.

Rainbow Archer.


Dreadnaught. (the suit is a weapon right? Ok, so it is more dangerous to the driver than to the hero's.)

Red Rapier. (Who can resist a swashbuckler?)



Needs to take care not to misspell the name of that last villain on the cover.

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20 hours ago, BoloOfEarth said:

Hmmm... I'm kinda thinking a "lawn and leisure sports" theme sounds interesting, which would fit Rainbow Archer, Frisbee, and kinda-sorta Red Rapier.  Don't have my old Enemies books in front of me -- wasn't there a Dart somewhere?

Dart is covered by the new Geodeciant PDF (Dart, Ultraviolet, Orb, Diamond, the newly resurrected and joined Dark Claw, and Doctor Kirby Loo).


PS: I misspelled the group name.

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1 hour ago, steriaca said:

PS: I misspelled the group name.


You can imagine my surprise.  :winkgrin:  (I only kid you 'cause I like you.)


Of course, now I'm thinking I should come up with my own home-grown lawn sports team, maybe add Frisbee to it.  I could have Croquet (OAF hammers), Lawn Dart (indirect RKA), Badminton (hey, the name starts with "bad" so he must be a villain), Horseshoe (Luck powers), Bocce (he's got the balls for crime)...


And in that vein...  I present Wickets of Fury!



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Thinking about a VIPER issue.


Blue Phantom: The multiple personally and geneticlly created lifeform with connections to The Dutchess and Dutchess Industry, and with there links to VIPER.


The Dutchess: Dutchess Henrietta Von Dottie, head of Dutchess  Industy, and one of VIPER's Council of Forty. One of the most dangerous normal women in the world.


Black Mamba: Scientist who was inficted by the COIL Virus, and was one of Doctor Blank's assistants and rival in science. Became a Dragon Branch member after a long time trying to cure himself of the virus by becoming a supervillain.


Crital: A mutant and ex-superhero who after a scandal turned to crime. She later joined VIPER and became a Dragon Branch member.


Brick: A man who's mind can't remember his past and with a body litterly made up of bricks, he has been VIPER's strongman for a long time.

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13 hours ago, Duke Bushido said:

How soon?


Because, you know-- 


every time this thread gets bumped, I run over here to check, but now I'm going to play it all coolsie and stuff....




Depends on Jason's work load as far as the Hero Games store, it's on RPGNow, well, now ?

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On 6/18/2018 at 8:41 PM, steriaca said:

Well, Freddy is going to be Freddy. Whenever he is mentioned, he wants to say "Here I am...tremble from the fearsome might of Foxbat...hay, stop laughing!"


Sometimes I wish he were forgotten...

Possibility: since Foxy has 6th ed stats ,why not create a spinoff from his motif? 

And how about the Arcadian Academy from the C:TNM Books?

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Brick was one of those villains from Vipers Nest for 2nd edition, we used again and again, this was back when i was 11-13 years old! There was something about his build that made him a very tough opponent and I have many memories of him forcing superheroes back due to knockback across that classic street scene map that was in the 2nd edition boxed set back in the day.


Good times lol.

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