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Forgotten Enemies metathread

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Hm. I was surprised (and rather pleased) when Tiger asked my blessing for using Lady Twilight in place of Stalker for the Asesinos. I hadn't thought of producing updated versions of the ROTN or Ultima

Speaking about "Project Genocide"...   I just downloaded a copy of The Mutant Files from a source I shall not name. Anyways, I do love the chessman ideal of the group. While I see them as an

You know what they say, "Demons are a Ghoul's best friend."

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8 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

Jabberock I see using generic Karate with maybe a dirty trick or two.  Stronghammer I view as an example of a magical gadgeteer.

That works. Just remember to give Spectra the same martial art. She might be lothed to use it, but she can if she must.


Spectra hates physical combat, and wouldn't engage in it if at all possible.

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6 hours ago, tiger said:

Stalkers replacement, he already exists in 6th so I had to replace him. Also considering working up just the original members with the theory they are in hiding till Stalker sends for them


Fair enough, although I agree with steriaca that a language change for the name would cover that well enough. Speaking of which,


12 hours ago, steriaca said:

I believe I said he could work around the Stalker name by using the Spanish word for Stalker.


That would be:

El Acosador/La Asosadora.

(But don't quote me on that. My English spelling sucks, so you know my Spanish is worse.)


Astonishingly, the first of those is correct. ;)  But 4E Stalker was Portuguese, so translating that would be, "Perseguidor."


Tiger, since you're going with what appears to be a supernatural female, might I suggest a cihuateotl (cihuateteo plural), the malevolent spirit of a woman who died in childbirth, from Aztec mythology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cihuateteo

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Ok. Anyone remember the entire member list of the Asesinos?


Spider Monkey: He needs her razor in her write-up. Make sure that it comes across as a weapon of opportunity (something rarely used in direct combat, but used instead to slice the necks of her opponents AFTER she renders them helpless with her mental powers). Tie her origin in with ARGENT, and you got a winner.


The Main: Rather silly, considering that his power armor is the poster child of activation roll, and the downright seriousness of his partners. Still, he might of had ARGENT help to fix most of what was wrong with it in the first place.


Montania (sp?): Another odd member, as it was rather childlike and less than a killer than the rest of the group. Perhaps a child was sacrificed to summon it, and the child's ghost is still inside it. It slowly 'eats' the ghost, sometimes slipping into it's more dangerous elemental mentality?


The Dark Death: Mexican ninja. Since Dr. Kirby Loo is here, he might of reconnected with him. Perhaps even getting a few new weapons?

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2 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:

Tiger, since you're going with what appears to be a supernatural female, might I suggest a cihuateotl (cihuateteo plural), the malevolent spirit of a woman who died in childbirth, from Aztec mythology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cihuateteo


Which is also kinda of like the Banesidhe/white woman myth of Celtic myth

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1 hour ago, Lord Liaden said:

The Asesinos also had the Tombstone Kid (undead gunfighter), Ocelote (werecat), and Mosquito (insect-themed shrinker).

My takes on the rest of the Asesinos.


Tombstone Kid:  What can I say about our favorite undead gunslinger. 666 charges multipower, and various energy blasts/ranged killing attacks, plus telekinetic only to 'push', and a gun-assisted superhero are my contributions to his makeup (along with the 666 charges). When you make sacrifices to the devil, you can expect things like this to happen.


Ocelote: Rather fine as-is. Give him some things he can do without the amulet. Also, don't make the removal of the amulet an instant death sentence. Sure, you can kill him, but do it ssssllllloooooollllllyyyy.


Mosquito: Ok. Who turned Ant-Man into a vampire? Oh, I did? Never mind.


"Stalker": What can I say?

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9 hours ago, steriaca said:

Is The Main still living? Seems if his teammates wouldn't kill him, his own armor would.





I loved the Maine!   He was great training exercise for new players to get a handle on various aspects of using Limitations on powers, and was relatively safe to give new players some experience with the combat system against a "you should be able to take this guy" type situation.  Plus, they really got a good idea of just how Limitations can... Limit.   :lol:



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48 minutes ago, tiger said:

I haven't decided firmly on a name, still debating adding her as the new leader or only using the original members. They'd be semi-in hiding waiting for Stalker's call

That would severely limit them. What can you do with them when they are in waiting mode? I would go stir crazy. Now imagine if you're a psychic spider monkey. Do you think she can sit tight when there are humans to kill?


And there is room for a new member or two. Even if you're going to use Stalker (either using the name Stalker 1 or the first Stalker or using his Portugal name or just Spanish), having an extra member or two allows you to split the team to accomplish their goals.

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Actually, there is a way the "waiting in hiding" angle might work: use the current official Stalker instead of the 4E one, at least as a background character. According to his entry in Champions Villains Vol. 3, current Stalker was beaten, staked and out of commission from 1957 until 2001, when he was accidentally revived. The supernatural Asesinos -- Montana, Ocelote, Tombstone Kid -- might have been gathered by Stalker in the Twentieth Century, but scattered after his "death" (since they were drawn to him in the first place). Now that the revived Stalker is accustomed to the modern world, he may decide to bring his old crew back to his side, perhaps with some new recruits. That would give him the muscle to compete with superheroes.

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Well, that makes sense for Tombstone Kid. He is a zombie cowboy. And Montana can easily 'sleep' by fusing with the ground for a few years (great excuse to give Montana an always-on desolification at 0 end with the limitation 'only against earthen attacks and to go through earthen materials'). As for Ocelote, the spirit of the amulet can always be dormant till Stalker reawakens.


The rest of the crew, since none of them are directly supernatural, can be recent recruits.


They could also have a more solo career, before the group reformed.


Just...how did they get that name?

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