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Secret Agents of CROSS

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Over the years, I have posted on the Hero Games forums about my Champions game and a potential spin-off called Secret Agents of CROSS.  I have finally pulled parts of all that to make a modern spy game called Secret Agents of CROSS.  Unfortunately, this is for Savage Worlds rather than Hero System, but I'm sure folks will see hero System at the heart of many of my character designs and additional rules.


So, if you want to learn about Catholic spies that protect the flock against evil, then check out my new Kickstarter here   You can also check out a Test Drive document here!



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I really like the premise of this and was looking at the Kickstarter yesterday.  Is there a reason that you aren't going to do Hero System conversions as others have done?  Even as a stretch goal it might garner you more supporters (including myself).  It sounds like it started as a Hero System campaign so I assume that you have the write-ups mostly done.

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I just didn't want to over promise with multiple systems.  The crunchiness of HERO will require a fair bit of layout work and an increased page count.  If the Savage Worlds version funds and after delivery of that, I will certainly look at a HERO conversion project.  If it doesn't fund, I'll have to reconsider my plans in full.


You can get a 34-page test drive/preview of Secret Agents of CROSS Here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/244133/Secret-Agents-of-CROSS-Test-Drive

Secret Agents of CROSS-Test Drive-Cover.jpg

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