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You'll need a fairly large suite of powers for Earth Bending. At its highest levels of mastery you can justify a VPP...


But the basic techniques I would require as GM are:


Geokinesis + Martial Maneuvers: This is Fine Manipulation Telekinesis Limited to Only Affect Earth And Stone (or sometimes Earth, Stone, and Metal)* with a Martial Art bought for/through it (both to enhance damage and provide additional versatility). I suggest Martial Maneuvers such as Defensive Strike, Martial Block, Martial Grab and Martial Throw.

Given the SFX, source material, and the fact that I've suggested Martial Block through a pseudo-ranged power... as GM I would also require you purchase Deflection Linked to your Geokinesis**.

* I would rule that either form could still be used indirectly on other materials by "making a hand out of earth/stones" or some-such, but it would have half the maximum lift capacity while doing so (making it akin to carrying something one-handed). Other GMs might (very reasonably) reduce the value of being Limited to Only Earth and Stone, or require you buy a less limited version of TK, or even a second version of TK with Physical Manifestation instead of Limited Target.

** on the other hand every character in that world seems to be able to block projectiles one way or another... so in a World of the Avatar campaign deflection might be an Everyman power for PCs.


Dissmissable Earth Barriers & Entangles (pretty self explanatory, you can find the stats for generic dirt and stone in CC/FHC/6e2). Generally speaking earth and stone have very little rPD, but fair rED and lots of BODY (makes them strong against Fire Benders).


UAA Earth & Stone Tunneling:  Dirt walls have 0 rPD, Stone Walls generally go up to 8rPD, while Metal can reach 19 rPD. I suggest (and would allow) UAA so that the bender doesn't have to move down the tunnel to create it (this version wouldn't target characters, for the sake of game balance)


Everything else could be a Power Trick (at low levels of mastery) or a VPP slot (at high levels of mastery).

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Variable Power Pool, or a Unified Power set. Maybe a Multipower if you know exactly what you want.


Let's look at what they do:

  • Make walls. Easy enough. Barrier covers that, you just have to figure out how thick and how strong, and if you want the limitations of being connected to the earth or no
  • Earth Surfing. Whether it is pushing the ground away from you, or tunneling through the earth. Increasing Running speed with a limitation of on the Ground, and Tunneling are easy there too.
  • Throw Rocks. You hurtle rocks around, if there is Ground. Blast with an easy limitation.
  • Earthsensing. This is a fun one. Slap on Range, Discriminatory, 360 Degrees, Partial Penetration, and Targeting on the Touch Sense group. Limitation, only when touching the ground. That's a theme.
  • Burried in Rock. Drawing people down into the stone and leaving them there. Entangle, only when they are touching the ground.
  • I am the Mountain. Knockback Resist as they dig their feet in.
  • Geokinesis. It's just Telekinesis, only in respect to earth stuff.
  • Bothersome Sand and Dust. Flash or Darkness for Sight group. Your pick.

Hmm... That's all that comes to mind right now. Then it's just which ones you want if it is a Multipower, or just grabbing these and anything applicable with a Variable Power Pool. Unified Power is almost expected.

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Avatar was a kids show... so people didn't usually suffer lethal injuries on screen. In a campaign simulating that trope, Killing Attacks might be prohibited.

In campaigns simply taking place in that world... Killing Attacks would be exceptionally common; especially amongst Earth Benders, but also Fire and Water. Martial weapons are extremely prevelant, though largely ineffective because the nature of the show prohibited them from being used effectively. The fact that Airbending techniques don't provide very many lethal maneuvers would also be so much more meaningful. I suggest finding out which campaign this is so you can tailor how you build your Bender accordingly.

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