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Lycan build


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Etymologically speaking, it would be an Ursan that is a werebear, yes. 

Crunch though. Both of the villains are set up to be something of a constant Shift sort of build. IE: Both are designed to be in their "werewolf" form continuously, or very nearly so. Designing a werebear, or any alternate-form really, you have to decide whether or not you want to have them be in their normal state as a default, or their shifted state as a default. If they default to a shifted state, probably just build them as you want. If they default as a "normal" human, typically build them with a Multiform.

The second question with Major Shifters is if it is controllable. In other words, can they choose when they shift or no? If yes, build them just as one would expect. If the answer is Sometimes, then give them a few disadvantages relating to Accidental shifting. if the answer is No, then you will need Multiform, and then a few disadvantages for Shifting. Probably Uncontrolled too.

Third big question is a set, though they is more conceptual. Were they born with it? Was it inflicted on them? Are they used to it? Depending on how long it's been going on, you can figure out how well adjusted they are to the whole shifting deal. Thematically important, if not mathematically relevant. If it is recent, mainly build them as a person, then apply the shifter on top, with about a third of your points towards it at max. If they are used to it, have them be well adjusted, and apply as many points towards it as you wish. 


As for how you actually build them? They are a Brick usually, and bear's especially. Whether you go with the Only in Heroic ID sort of shift, or Multiform, you're looking for a few basic things.

  • High, if not Staggering Health
  • Medium Regen
  • High Strength
  • Medium Defenses
  • Low Enhanced Scent
  • Medium Claws/Bite, so HA and KHA

That's really the core of it. Personally I'd attach a Size/Weight template on top of the normal shifting to help simulate the effects. You're looking at Medium Defenses as opposed to high Defenses for a brick though, as mainly the pelt is preventing damage, not super-magic armor. If they were an Aussie WerePangolin, yeah, but Bear? Nah. As for what constitutes High/Med/Low levels of Strength and such? Depends on your Campaign.


Hope that helps.


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Pardon, trying to parse what you are asking there.

If you are saying that their Bear Form is their Heroic ID and they can ShapeChange to a normal Human from Bear Form, yeah. That would work. Typically you'd want something other than ShapeChange, such as writing the form change as the Special Effect though, as otherwise the cost gets unwieldy. 

Now the issue with having the Bear be the default form is really simple actually. If Bear is the default, then Human is a Secret Identity. The reverse is also true if that is wished. If Human is the default, then Bear is a Secret Identity. It simply depends on what they are in more often. Usually this applies even if the form is distinguished via Multiform... But speak with the GM if that is the case.


Heroic ID and Secret Identities technically do not intersect. One is qualifying who has the power, one is qualifying who knows. However, if the Bear is the default form, expect for Only in Heroic ID to return less benefit. It is simply reducing the overall effectiveness of the limitation.

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