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Vehicle Hangar: Ford Tri-Motor

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The EAA has 2 Ford Tri-Motors that are touring the country this summer... they are the -5AT series versions, one is stopping here locally this weekend, and I am going to get lots of pictures hopefully... cant justify 75.00 for a 35 minute ride sadly... but the Tri-Motor was the first aircraft designed from the start to carry passengers. this one can carry 11 and 3 crew, at the incredibly fast speed of 80 mph. they are also really loud!




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Kermit Weeks of "Fantasy of Flight"m is restoring down to the nits and bolts the AT-4 Trimotor that was used in Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom. That AT-4 used to be part of the collection of The Flying Lady Restaurant in Gilroy California, where I saw it in the early 1970's. As elegant, as the interior of the Tri-motor  was, apparently it was the original Vomit comet in that it flew below 10,000 feet where the air was bumpy, and the exhaust from the center engine would leak into the passenger compartment on occasion. Luckily the windows onmost of the early models could be opened... XD.





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