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Daniel Pennington

Shared Vehicle Question

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13 hours ago, Greywind said:

Add the van to the base. Have the team pay for the base.


That is double-dipping, though.  Player(s) pay 1 point per 5 points or whatever for base, base pays 1 point per 5 points or whatever for vehicle.


I would just use a "custom perk" and note it as the player's point investment into either the vehicle or the base, or even just use the default vehicle / base entry with each character spending their share of points.  Then keep a tally elsewhere of that total amount along with the base and vehicle character sheets.

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20 hours ago, Greywind said:

Not really. For the most part vehicles are simply plot devices to get from the base to the site of the adventure.


Not in every campaign. And, if the vehicle is really only a plot device, then other powers or perks better represent such.  


If you will not ever use the vehicle you build, then there is no need for a character sheet for it, no need to buy a vehicle. Call it a campaign norm, or buy teleportation with extra time, physical manifestation, an must cross intervening space :)

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I'm thinking of either going with the "custom adder" option and just use it to lower the cost for each character to cover their cost. Or I might just make it free and be a nice guy. The vehicle is more or less their HQ; they don't have an HQ per se they have individual living spaces/businesses and meet at the dojo of one of the characters when they need a common meeting place.  I've already decided to give them their individual places for free as mostly a plot device and the battlevan is sorta important to the missions they'll go on.  I was mostly just curious if there was a setting in the program to make it "easier". 


Thanks for all of your ideas!

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