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13 hours ago, shuddemell said:

I would be interested to learn a little more about it... Campaign particulars, etc. to see if you would have an interest in including me.


We generally play 5th edition Champions on Saturday night at the GM's house.  Our Saturday night group has 4 people, so an extra player would be nice.  I can't be there every week (I've had some "getting married" obligations the last few months) but the other players are consistent.  The rest of the guys also play Pathfinder on Sundays, and I think they have an extra player or two for that, but I can't be there for those games.


Usually we play 350 point characters, with 12 or 13D6 attacks being pretty standard.  Fairly tough characters are the norm.  Generally heroic tone, standard comic book "heroes don't murder people" and things like that.

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Right now, I don't know. The latest character I've written up is a psychic, one of the other players is a green lantern style character, I don't know what Massey has built. However, I don't know which game we will play, I still want to play the one where I'm playing an alien spellcaster, but I don't know if everyone's up for that one.

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