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Damage Shield


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How do you go about designing a damage shield (I get no results on a search of the forums with that term), that is to say, a 'force field' that damages anyone who touches it?

I used to know how to do this in Champions 4th (I think it was a power offshoot of energy blast).

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You always had to build it.


In 4E, Damage Shield was a +1/2 Advantage on an attack power.


In 5E, Damage Shield was a +1/2 Advantage on an attack power.  By RAW, you usually had to add the +1 Continuous Advantage, but a lot of people didn't agree.


In 6E,Area of Effect Personal Surface was a +1/4 advantage on an attack power. 



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18 hours ago, Hugh Neilson said:

I believe you need Constant and Surface, and can now apply No Range since it cannot target anything but yourself.  With range, I should be able to put the damage shield on Foxbat's Ping Pong Ball Gun at 30 paces.


Yup, with surface, you can electrify the ground for instance.  So a damage shield needs to be no range and probably self only.

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