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World Creation Superdraft 2: July 2018

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Ye gawds, it's the World Creation SuperDraft 2!




You are a god.



We are building a new fantasy mythology from scratch. Working  with all of the other gods, you are going to create a new world.  


The setting is completely blank. You will need to contribute your divine ideas to build the lands and populate them with a variety of life.


Here's what you'll need in your divine portfolio.

  • Domains of Influence. These are special realms of control and responsibility for which you are known and prayed to.  You will have one primary domain and three secondary domains. Secondary domains can be a new area of influence or can recreate any of the other divine contributions (including Interference).
  • Geography. You are the patron and builder of certain locales. It can be as broad as a continent  or an ocean, or it can be as specific as a city.
  • Sentient Life. Humans are not here by default. You can build entire races from scratch or offshoots of another race already created. (Example, God A creates centaurs. God B likes centaurs, too, so he builds an offshoot race, dark centaurs.)
  • Gift to Civilization. Whomever the races may be, they are extremely primitive. As gods, you must guide them. Contribute skills or knowledge to the population. You can specify a particular people for your gift, which will make them the best at it, but it will spread to others.
  • Flora or Fauna. Create one of the following, either a special plant or crop for the world OR a special animal or livestock for the world. You dictate use, danger, locality, power, etc. These can be real world things (roses, corn, horses, etc.) or mythic (walking trees, Audrey II, Godzilla, etc.)
  • Interference.  Bestow a Blessing or curse to an existing place or people. The gods were often family, working together. They were also competitive, and sometimes downright petty. This is your chance to enact your will upon a fellow gods' creation.
  • Mythic Monster or Guardian. You have singular representation in  the world, a special, magical creature, benevolent or deadly. This creature is unique, named, and intelligent.

Round one will be your Primary Domain, but the rest can be selected in any order.

This continues Log's grand experiment. 


We will begin Monday July 2, Five in the afternoon British Time which is Noon Eastern in the States.


I've just copied the front page from last year so thanks to Log for all the hard work

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Well, I'm gonna have to do some thinking over the next week.  It'll be difficult to come up with something in the same league as what I did last year.

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12 hours ago, Cancer said:

Hmm, the vote counts here suggest otherwise.


That's only because your check hasn't cleared yet. Give it 3-5 business days.

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1 hour ago, Sociotard said:

We're keeping the interference rule? Because that led to feelings getting hurt last time.


And at least one person dropping out altogether.


I think we ought to revisit this one. Maybe replace it with a collaboration pick of some kind.


Just my $0.02.

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Frankly, I think my best single contribution to the previous version of this draft was my interference pick, so I will stump for keeping it as is.

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An option: say that players can use their "interference pick" to opt out of interference.  If they do this, they cannot use an option to interfere, but their domains are rendered safe.


A good offer to those with tender feelings, or who suffer from purity of vision. 


Autocorrect kept trying to change that last to "purity of bison". Who suffers from pure bison?

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42 minutes ago, Pariah said:

I'm probably in, though I have no idea what to choose as a domain this time.


Is "Insanity" a valid domain?


I don't see why not. Of course, I might just be insane...

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