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I remember a modifier that limited the amount of spells you could cast to a certain amount, usually Int/5.  It was for any campaign where the caster had extra time to cast the spell (IE at least 5 minutes), so you prepared all but the last bit.  I believe it was called stacking your rack.


Is it still in 5th/6th ed.?


Is it based on per spell or was it you prepared 20 spells, but you could only cast four (or eight if you doubled the rack).


By based on spell I mean you get the limitation and that means you can cast that spell four times.


Or is it a limitation on Int?


Please advise!

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There are all sorts of variant rules for this in both 5E and 6E Fantasy HERO books.  Some were "spells active" = INT/5, ie. any spells with a duration, some had spells know based on INT, etc.  


I'd have to dig through, as I...  definitely diverged from such for my magic system ("spells active" in mine being based on the VPP rules, nothing arbitrary.)

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