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The Unluck Is Strong In This One


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My supers campaign is the RDU (Red Dragon Universe) and there is a running joke for the past, oh, 18 years or so...


Two supers were running from a really powerful villain. They'd been infiltrating a base, found out, and were trying to get away (a straight up fight would have been highly NOT in their favor). We were on combat actions as they zipped through the high-tech HQ. They came to the observation room of a lab and said, "Ok... blast through the glass and drop down... we can escape out the back!"  


This was reinforced plexiglass... 8 Def/ 2 Body... meant to be strong enough to take some minor mishaps in the supers lab. Still, they both were tossing 12d6 or better... so all they needed was an average, even slightly below average roll.


First guy rolls 8 body on 12 dice. "Damn! That's tough!"  Second guy, "Well, I blast it... he's catching up!"  Rolls 9 Body on 13 dice!


Because they were being chased, the action taken to get through this were letting the bad guy catch up, so they ran off through the side door, both saying, "Holy crap! What was that stuff made of? RDU Plexiglass is like... the most indestructable stuff on Earth!"


Every since then, any times someone is trying to break something, or a villain is really tough, the joke is, "Oh man! Armor made of RDU Plexiglass... that sh!t is unbreakable!"  I'll occasionally have them see a TV ad or something, "Tired of superbattles ruining your property! RDU Plexiglass now available for replacement windows for your home!" 


All it takes is two unlucky rolls in a row to make world building history!

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19 hours ago, RDU Neil said:


All it takes is two unlucky rolls in a row to make world building history!

The running gag doesn't have to stop there.


Some 2-bit flunky comes along with his 15STR and a 2D6 billy club - does 10 body, smashing the glass in one blow.


It shows up on the news and suddenly, the two 60AP superheroes look like pikers with nerf guns. They become the laughing stock, and have to prove their mettle.


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