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I am working on a new release.  I have completed the following bug and feature updates:

  • Stunned characters are recovering actual stun which is incorrect (Bug) [#41]

  • Any attack that is d6 "-1" can not be read in (Bug) [#76]

  • GM Attack - AoE selection does not allow multi selection of targets (Bug) [#109]

  • One Hit Wonder was miscalculating (Bug) [#108]

  • Presence Attack (Feature) [#22]


I am working on this feature right now:

  • Combat Notes (Feature) [#37] - I am implementing this as something simple where you can access this from the main window and attack dialog.  The combat notes will not be saved from combat to combat.


I am looking into these bugs and try to get them fixed:

  • HKA is not calculated correctly with STR (Bug) [#48]

  • Character who aborted got 'stuck' (Bug) [#100]

I am looking at doing a few of these for the next release.

  • GM Attack - A list of potential attackers to pick from with their stats (Feature) [#25] - Not sure on what the workflow for this would be and so it might be pushed to a later release while I think thru the workflow.

  • Fumbles (Feature) [#27] & Critical Hits (Feature) [#26] - These go together.  This is mostly for the NPCs and it would be a preference that the GM can set before or during a combat session.  This will probably show up as a message within the attack dialog after the NPC attack dice roll.  With Critical hits the damage will be calculated and applied like any other attack.  The fumbles will need to be handled by the GM (good place for a combat note 😉)


Opinions/concerns about what is on this list.  I am not looking for feedback on additional features within this thread.  Post those in a different thread.


Thank you.

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