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Fantasy Hero in Metro Denver, Colorado

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Fantasy Hero campaign looking for 1-3 adult players in Metro Denver,  CO


 Original Campaign intro:
https://swordofdaden.tumblr.com/post/163587754460/the-map (please note: we have played 11 sessions since then, so the story has progressed. You would be joining us as we make landfall on the continent.)


(Speaking of the continent) The known world:


We play twice a month on the weekends. Must be able to be present in person (i.e. no Skype or the like) and make a commitment to attend. (We get that once in a while things come up, but otherwise we're counting on you.)


I host at my house on the eastern edge of Centennial (near Southlands Mall)/ E470 & Smoky Hill (Exit 10)).


Game on, 


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