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Okay, WTF was I thinking?


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On 8/17/2018 at 3:17 PM, BoloOfEarth said:

I have a supevillain group in my Champions campaign, called the New Gods.  They are all androids named after various Greek gods, with powers usually semi-reminiscent of said gods. 


About a year or so ago, I finally got around to writing up Hera, and gave her powers the SFX of bioenergy.  Specifically, she has the following Multipower:


    64  Bioenergy:  Multipower 80 points; Pool and all Slots are Unified Power (-¼)       0


      6  u  Healing:  Healing 4d6, Variable Effect (+½), Limited Range (+¼), Half END (+¼)              3


      5  u  Sleep:  Drain 8d6 STUN; Limited Range (-¼)       8


      5  u  Tire:  Drain 8d6 END; Limited Range  (-¼)           8


      5  u  Weaken:  Drain 8d6 STR; Limited Range (-¼)     8


      5  u  Transmogrify:  Drain 5d6, Variable Effect (Any physical characteristic / power; +½); Limited Range (-¼)     8


      5  u  Transform I:  Minor Transform 12d6, Improved Results (Limited Group; +¼); Limited Range (-¼)                7


      5  u  Transform II:  Major Transform 6d6, Improved Results (Limited Group; +¼); Limited Range (-¼)                7



What confounds me are the last two slots.  I must have had some reason for doing those, but darned if I can figure out what I was thinking she would transform targets into.  (And yes, I know Hera was goddess of childbirth, but I'm pretty sure the Transforms weren't meant to turn people pregnant.)


Any ideas?  Wild guesses?  Or should I just drop those two slots and replace them with something else?  (If so, I'm open to suggestions.)


I always use Mental Illusion for Transforming attack.  If someone thinks they are turned to stone it's just as good and a lot less expensive.

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