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Babylon City's Field of Dreams

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Field of Dreams is a nursery that grows a variety of plants in hot houses outside of Babylon City.  The green houses look like standard green houses and there are a lot of the long plastic enshrouded buildings.  The outer green houses and the perimeter fence and lands looks like any standard green house and nursery.  The inner building houses (~50% of the green houses) house various types of medicinal marijuana.  The owner of the nursery is a former supervillain who supplied Babylon City's pot business.  When pot became legal in several states, the supervillain got a legal permit to produce the plant.  His business model is legal and while there may be minor infractions, he runs his business tight enough that they can't shut him down legally.  The problem he has is that there are still villains selling pot illegally or are willing to steal the pot than pay and grow it themselves.  His own powers have kept the minor villains away but he's seeing his need to call in old adversaries to stop the more major villains.

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