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Hadn't really thought about that.


Might try it next go-round.  Up to 181; less than 40 to go, depending on whether or not I do the thing I thought about doing.  


(I _did_ fix the four completely out-of-order pages, though.)


Soon it'll be nothing but clean up.


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Couple of test shots.  Sorry; no originals-- don't want to wait for them to upload; I've gotta get up in six hours, so I should probably get _down_ to make that happen. :lol:


At any rate, I think it's coming along quite nicely.


Though I have to say, I wish the original art  had been in better shape.  Between too-heavy-from-the-get-go on so many of them and thirty years of ink saturation, well, a lot of the art is more "what's this murky square here?" than it used to be.  Still, doing our best to salvage what we can! :D


Enjoy (no art; those take longer to upload)



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Well, that didn't work right. :(

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On 9/19/2018 at 1:30 AM, Norm said:

I am not currently playing HERO.  Since another person wanted to try GM'ing for a while and was not comfortable GMing without a module/adventure pre-built, we are playing Pathfinder.  If I was running a Fantasy Hero would probably grab the Wonderous Item collections.  They include the HD packs.  That for me is worth a lot even if I would only use a couple per book.


I'm currently taking my Saturday group through a pathfinder adventure path, but we're using Hero system rules and characters.  It's working very well.


Mostly I just adlib my creature / NPC conversions since there are so many good examples in the Hero Bestiary that I have a good rough-estimate for almost anything I'm trying to work with.


Coming back to Hero system hits me squarely in the nostalgia button.  I remember picking up champions when I was like 10 years old.

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