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Cool characters for your games.


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We start out with some very cool images usuable for the Card Shark gang in the Dark Champions the Animated series.

Diamond: 9e15e8f89625446dea1bca183a24c2bd.jpg


Club: 0ae6f6751f72bc6ad92081573bf38ceb.jpg


Spades: c40377101d29c7a2fddfe89430eadca4.jpg


Hearts: c83add7f25cf451ebd00d3bfeeb39faf.jpg


These guys could be the costume of common goons or special lieutenants or whatever you want.

If you wonder where the images are from. I think they are special costumes for the popular game Fortnite.  

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The video game All Points Bulletin is a cops vs robbers online game. As such it got a lot of stylized street wear concept art you might find a use for in your games. 

Here is the gallery: https://www.creativeuncut.com/art_all-points-bulletin_a.html

Here is an example.



The gallery is on an video game art site called Creativeuncut. It got some good art there but be warned. You will have to dig through a lot of anime to find it.


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This char could be an guy the pc cant kill because they need some info and they also need to find him because he gone underground.



These guys have many obvious uses. 



And this character could be introduced in this state trying to attack someone at the hospital. Maybe someone who are unconscious and cant defend themselves? Why does she do it? 



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Street Doc, deal with on your own peril.




Bounty hunter, money collector or street thug maybe?




His partner i crime maybe?




Hard to say no to a gold plated minigun no matter what side of it you are on.



Last one for today. Notice how small that shotgun (grenade launcher?) looks in his hands. 


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10 hours ago, bubba smith said:


No I dont see that. 

These outfits have long black coats with a sleek look to it. 

The longcoats gives allusions to the nazis of World War 2 and the sleekness shows that their uniforms are designed with the idea of creating an image.


Swat on the other hand are usually dressed in utilitarian clothing. Lots of pockets. Helmets with great visibility, body armour etc. And they certainty dont weigh them selves down with long coats and care very little about image. 

Off course this utilitarian style have an style all of its own. But it is quite different. And over time popular culturally speaking we come to recognize stylized and pre packaged as evil and utilitarian and improvised as good. 


And it does not work if you want corrupt swat either as corruption are a prosess. Instead corrupt swats should have unshaven faces, guts sticking out under their body armour. Be constantly belching and doing other gross things and their equipment should be the same but in a state that shows that discipline is lax and that they have spent more time trying (and failing) to make their uniforms and gear look cool than to maintain it. We are talking gaudy jewelry and watches, graffiti writing on their helmets and guns. Pointless ornaments and so on.  

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