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Cool characters for your games.


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Because I wanted to find characters that looks like they are fun to fight and kill. Not to characters that players would want to be friends with. But as you can see that its almost impossible! 

And I slip up myself all the time. Good thing I called the threat Cool characters for your games and not enemies for your games. 

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Wanna fight?


Today I show some street fighters, maybe the charactes have to fight someone to pay off someones dept or maybe they gotta prove themselves to some group and/or they are infiltrating an illegal fighting ring. 

Off course you can also throw a captured PC into some fights to give yourself an exuse to not kill them and give them a chance to escape. 


This guy might be a bit to overdone and mma like.



Here we got a Russian enforcer maybe?




An evil promoter or other buisniss type.. 



A guy who are not afraid of cheating a bit. 



Many uses for this guy.




An inept guard. A necessary position for any "forced to fight" adventure. 



Here is a prime example of the problem I discussed earlier with Bubba Smith.




Hmm his expression makes him look a bit like a madman otherwise he would have looked like a holy man.



He is the Lex Luthor of the fighting pits!



Get ready.




Final boss and/serial killer?



Thats all for today.


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Today we are going to focus on costumed characters. 




Badass assassin looking dude.




Another guy in the same vein except he is his heavier armoured. 




Though looking guy





High tech ninja




Bit future looking but actually just Asian. The background houses are reminding me of a Hong Kong block that got tore down in the 70's.


That is all for today.

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More thugs today. These pictures might need some work, you can crop the pictures or you can print them out and use the diffent guys as markers. 

Inspiring none the less. 

biker guys



More thugs this time more generic


Even more these guys can be rioters or other type of organized thugs




Drug lab guards






Thats all for now.


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